One Albuquerque Housing Fund

Affordable Apartments

Description:  The Department of Family and Community Services has both acquired and funded affordable housing developments throughout Albuquerque, as a way to create and preserve affordable housing opportunities for low to moderate income persons.

  • Who Is Eligible: Households whose total household income is at or below 80% area median income.
  • How to Apply: Interested residents may contact the property management at each development to determine availability and to apply.

A complete list of developments can be found at:


Supportive Housing Programs

Description: The Department of Family and Community services funds local nonprofits to provide housing that come with supportive services, which is called supportive housing, Most of these programs provide housing through vouchers, which individuals and families can use to rent an apartment from a private landlord. The household pays 30% of its income towards the rent, and the housing voucher pays the remainder of the rent. Each household has a case manager who can help connect them to services in the community. Permanent supportive housing is a type of supportive housing that is not time limited. Rapid ReHousRapid ReHousing and Transitional Housing provide up to two years of housing assistance.  and supportive services.

Permanent supportive housing is for people with significant, long-term disabilities, while Rapid ReHousing and Transitional Housing are for households who are able to be self-sufficient within two years. All types of supportive housing are for households experiencing homelessness, although the definition of homeless that programs use can vary by funding source.

How to apply:
Coordinated Entry System

The way to access most supportive housing programs funded through the City is through the NM Coordinated Entry System. The NM Coordinated Entry System is a centralized system that refers people experiencing homelessness to the most appropriate and available housing resource. The first step to entering the Coordinated Entry Assessment is to complete a common assessment. If someone needs housing and has been living outdoors, on the streets, in a vehicle or in a shelter for at least 7 days and continues to then they are eligible to enter the Coordinated Entry System (CES).  

Common assessments may be completed at:

  •         HopeWorks (formerly St. Martin’s): On ground level go to help desk and ask to be scheduled for an assessment. OR Call 505-764-8231 ext 243 Scheduling starts at 7:30 am on Monday mornings and fills up quickly. Walk in assessments are now available on Fridays from 8:30-11:30 am and 1-3 pm.

  •         Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless: Monday through Thursday at the Resouce Center. Assessment sign up for the 5 available spots start at about 7:00 am. Must be present. First come first served.
  •         Noon Day: 1st and 3rd Thursdays at Noonday, from 10 am to 12 pm. 

 HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

HopeWorks (formerly St. Martin’s

and the Albuquerque Housing Authority administer the City’s HOME TBRA programs. These agencies do not use the Coordinated Entry System. Instead, the organizations that operate the HOME TBRA projects receive referrals directly from partner agencies.

HopeWorks accepts referrals through four partner agencies: Amity Foundation, Barrett House, Susan’s Legacy and Crossroads for Women.  Existing clients of these agencies may complete an application packet. Albuquerque Housing Authority accepts referrals from Albuquerque Heading Home, which in turn receives its referrals through the Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD). Referrals are also made through Barrett Foundation, which refers clients who are not eligible for other housing programs.

Almost Home

Almost Home is a permanent supportive housing program that serves homeless or precariously housed individuals and/or families who have a behavioral health diagnosis. Interested participants may apply directly for this program by contacting HopeWorks at 505-764-8231 x 322.

Eviction Prevention & Utility Assistance

Description: The City of Albuquerque provides one-time rent and/or utility assistance to households that are behind on rent and/or utility payments.

Who Is Eligible: Households in Albuquerque at or below 80% area median income

How to apply: Participants may apply for rent or utility assistance at the City of Albuquerque Health & Social Service Center located in their quadrant of the City. A list of Health & Social Service Centers can be found at: